Yajuan smiled bitterly,Said:“What do you say?”She looked at her and said:“If i say i regret,You might look down on me,If i say i don’t regret,No regrets at all,That’s a lie,Really。Anyone who says you won’t regret after love,That’s all sung in the song,Is the lyrics,Is a good excuse for people。I’m telling you the truth,I regret,Very regretful,But no way,I have to carry it myself,Because I chose it myself,No one puts a knife on your neck to force you to submit,I even tried to make him, the county party secretary, fall in love with me,right now,My intestines are regretful。”

Ding looked at her in amazement,What she said really surprised her,She thought Yajuan would say she would not regret it,I didn’t expect that she not only really regretted it,And I’m honest about my regrets。She murmured:“Oh,That’s it——”
“and so,I didn’t meet him。”
Ding Yi opened his eyes and looked at her。
Yajuan took a sip of wine,Keep saying:“I’m just standing in a remote corner,Watched him quietly for a long time,Then left。Since it’s already like this,Since I regret it too,Let the story end completely,I don’t want to continue my regret,and so,I’m leaving,Hang him in the coffee shop alone,I bought him the bill,After all, he helped me,Help me this home。also,He is not the secretary,The wallet will inevitably be shy,Because his salary wife will take away nothing,So many years,It’s said that since they got married。When paying,I paid more,It’s enough for him to order anything else,And surplus。”
Speaking of which,Yajuan lowered her head,The hand holding the wine glass was shaking,Although she said it was over,She said regret,But Ding Yi found,When she said this,Still very excited,Explain that although this relationship is over,But the memories left in my heart cannot be erased,Maybe,As time goes by,The memories left in my heart are definitely beautiful,Those unpleasant things may disappear completely。
She can’t imagine Zhong Mingyi didn’t see Yajuan,But Yajuan watched for a long time in the dark,And how did you feel after buying him the bill,But she can understand how Yajuan feels when she does this。A vigorous love ended like this,Looking at the hero in my mind,And now it’s an idol who has passed away,She may only know the ups and downs in her heart。
She looked at Yajuan,Muttered:“ended?”
Yajuan flicked away the tears that had dripped to her cheeks,Say:“ended。”
“He didn’t look for you again?”
“Yes,She fell to the point where I paid him,What confidence and courage does he have to come to me again,He is divorced,We have no such possibility anymore,I just said,He has no charm,Out of breath,Just like an old beauty。”
Even though she said so,But Ding Yi felt that she still has feelings for Zhong Mingyi。Ding Yi’s tears also shed tears,She picked up the glass,Choked:“Sister Yajuan,I respect you……”
Finished,With tears,Drank the red wine in the glass。
Yajuan did it too。She calmed down,Pick up the wine bottle,Pour red wine into Ding Yihe’s glass。Said:“Xiaoding,Actually, I have been wondering who wrote that sentence in your interview book,I’m not curious about your private life,I am worried about you。”
Ding nodded,Said:“I know。”
“Nowadays,I found your condition is not good at all,Feel you are not as good as me,Do you remember what we said when we were together?Once a woman truly loves,Can’t laugh,I think you are like this now。”
Ding Yi admires Yajuan’s sensitivity very much,But she won’t admit it,It’s okay to tell her own story,Because they are good friends for many years,Good sister,But she can’t make fun of Jiang Fan’s political life,Especially under Yuan Xiaoyan’s white terror right now,She can’t expose Jiang Fan,Never can。