Murong Shan finished the call,Finally have the opportunity to express my thoughts。

“The ticket is booked?”
Qin Liang turned his face to look at Murong Shan and asked。
“Yep,I’ve gone to get you tickets。”
Murong Shan nodded and said。
“Swallow,Call luna,Let her and Mandarin Duck prepare for action。”
Qin Liang said to Yanzi immediately。
“Fully armed??”
Swallow asked。
“Yep……can。Just fully armed。”Qin Liang thought for a while to answer,Actually he is thinking about another thing now;That’s why he applied to the base for armed helicopters……In the bustling metropolis of Haishang,If there is no helicopter,The rapid mobile response capability of the Dragon Soul Special Forces is difficult to reflect
But Qin Liang struggled with;After the helicopter is equipped,Where to stop!There is only a small patch of grass around Shen Ruoxi’s villa,And it’s facing the street,It is obviously impractical to park the helicopter directly on the side of the road,And the gunship must be sent from the base,When the time comes, the entrance of Shen’s villa will not be full.
Lively people!