Different from Rey in normal state,Rey, who became Thor, looks thinner,At the same time, the wings behind him are full of violent thunder and lightning。

Sasuke put Naruto on the ground。
“I didn’t expect you to become so strong,Sasuke。”
Naruto who was placed on the ground looked at Sasuke and said。
“Leave the rest to me,Naruto。”Sasuke said to Naruto,Then look towards Aksia,“You stay here to take care of naruto,That guy,I can solve it alone。”
“Thor,Rey。”Frieza looked at Sasuke,He can’t smile anymore,Sasuke’s strength who completed Thor’s evolution,Aksia, far more than the ice contract,“Solve me alone,You are too arrogant。”
“Lightning grudge!”
Lightning energy appeared around Sasuke’s body。
Frieza also changed his previous playful combat attitude,Instead showed a solemn expression。
“Thunder Sprint!”Sasuke turned into lightning and suddenly appeared behind Frieza’s body,Sasuke hugged Frieza from behind,“Current explosion!”
With radiance,The sound of explosion suddenly came。
Naruto looks worriedly at Sasuke,Although Aksia who stayed beside Naruto did not speak,But her eyes are also fixed on the direction of the explosion。
Blast away,Frieza was thrown away by Sasuke。
“You guy!”The embarrassed Frieza was extremely angry,There is a continuous burst of powerful Qi around his body,“Die for me!”
Frieza fired consecutive gas bombs at Sasuke。
A flap of wings behind Sasuke,Take Sasuke to dodge in the air。
“Vitality Lightning Ball!”
Sasuke’s body in the air contracts and then stretches out,Four balls of light entwined with the power of thunder fired from his limbs。
In Frieza’s irrational attack,The four lightning spheres have gradually surrounded Frieza from four directions。