Li Benwei,I don’t know much about Lin Yu。

Seeing Lin Yu refused to make a move,Open road:“Two billion,Actually made a lot of money?
Why not?”
“I plan to ask the master to make a jade bracelet and necklace for my wife。”
Lin Yu heard this,Replied。
“Oh,Turned out to be for Sister-in-law!”
It seems that brother did not enter the stone gambling world,Also mixed well。
Unexpectedly,I’m willing to give something worth 200 million to my sister-in-law。
“After marriage,Didn’t give her anything。”
“Come this time,Just looking for a good piece of jade,Make some jewelry for her。”
“correct,Where have you developed these years?”
Lin Yu doesn’t want to continue to talk about his wife。
Li Benwei who heard Lin Yu’s words,Replied:“I develop on the side of Jianghai Province,Come this time,The main reason is to see,Can you find a chance,Give my apprentice a teacher。”