038 Kudo Shinichi who is dumbfounded again,Football match in the afternoon?

The atmosphere at the scene is wonderful。
Obviously four people get together,But it seems to be separated into two circles。
Lynn、There is a group of three of Xiaolan in the garden,Kudo Shinichi is alone alone。
This situation not only makes Kudo Shin feel awkward,At the same time, Xiaolan, who is kind-hearted, is very worried。
She knows very well,Yuanzi, this is deliberately bathing Shinichi,Because she always owes Xinyi a favor。
As a girlfriend and childhood sweetheart,Xiaolan doesn’t want these two closest friends to make trouble so much。
Unfortunately,Although she is anxious,But I don’t know how to ease this relationship。
“Okay garden,Stop it。”
“Let’s do this,It seems to be isolating Kudo-san。”
“Kudo-san,Don’t patronize eating bread,Let’s talk together。”
The burnt color on Xiaolan’s face,Lynn is watching。
Also,People are called,It’s not good to leave it alone。
It’s up to him to come forward,Lively,Let Kudo Shinichi say a few words。