Around female classmate with big eyes,Only Qiao Yue wore a pair of black sneakers。

Shao Zhenyan raised his chin,There are people in the student union who are polite but tough,Make efforts to weaken one’s sense of existence,Qiao Yue,Please come to the front。And the more she weakens herself like this,In full view,Such a timid look,But it made her more eye-catching。
Teachers and students in two schools,All watching her。
“What is your name?”Tong Jiaotie is here too,Holding list in hand,Curious about this poor female student,Where did it attract the attention of the little fairy。
The big-eyed girl knows, isn’t she talking about herself,A little bit ashamed,But a brainstorm,Just cheered up。I heard the super handsome guy from this noble school ask,Answer quickly,“Her name is Qiao Yue,It’s a golden phoenix flying back from the ravine!”
In the ravine,Fly back,Golden Phoenix?
Zheng Rouduo, who was originally in the audience, stood beside Bao Bao at this time,“Golden Phoenix?”
“Sure to change?”Shao Zhen didn’t let people go on talking。
Baby Ou nodded。
“why?”Tong Jiaotie directly asked his own,And everyone’s curiosity。
Baby Ou walked this way,I figured out the reason for the substitution。But she didn’t expect to introduce herself。Tut。
“She is a bit like a young lady I knew before。”Take a look,What a perfect reason。Impeccable。
“How could you know such a young lady.”Tong Jiaotie doesn’t believe it at all。Oujia,Where is the opportunity and environment to give Ou Baobao to meet this young lady?。
Baby Ou obviously didn’t think of the perfect reason he thought of,Will be blocked back。