Jiang Fan is going to take all his faults,At least major fault,Blame it all on those who emptied the water。then,Before applying,This remaining water,Is preserved,Still use up。Because it’s about continuing to purify,and so,These water,Jiang Fan doesn’t plan to call the shots by himself。Let the people above decide。He explained everything clearly,It’s not a negligence。

Waited more than half an hour,Only the above instructions,Purified water preservation,Not continuing this experiment。
Jiang Fan actually thought so in his heart,but,He can’t make this decision。
After the purified water is taken away,There is a tall researcher beside Jiang Fan,Suddenly approaching Jiang Fan,Whisper,“The little empress just approached the shield,I think,The light of the metal disc went out,Is it because of the approach of the little empress??”
Jiang Fan looked at this researcher with a smile,Until the researcher lowered his head。Jiang Fan didn’t talk nonsense with him,Call the guard directly,Took this person away。
Even if there are so many people with ghosts here,but,Go up and attack the little empress,And use him to attack the little empress,Jiang Fan can’t let this person go for nothing。
“listen,I don’t know who is there,How many people,Are calculating。I just say one thing,If something happens to the little empress here,Including me,No one wants to go out alive。Don’t tell me who has promised you anything,Will protect you,I only know one thing,Something happened,Can only protect。”
Jiang Fan repeats again,“The two ladies of Ou’s family,All have lofty dedication,To help us do research,We have the responsibility and the obligation,Protect their absolute safety。Don’t think about using the excuse for getting out of the experiment.,Think about it with your mind,This excuse will make you live a few more days at most.”
clap hands,“okay,All ready。”
Jiang Fan finished,Bring a few direct relatives,Came to Ou Zhaozhao and the others。Feng Yang stood up。
“Hurry up。”Jiang Fan said directly,“You don’t believe it anyway,Just try it yourself,I give up,You also feel at ease。”Point to the box pushed over,“This is a special protective suit,Our researchers are all wearing this for testing and experiments。Absolutely safe。”
Feng Yang walked over,Checked it up,Ask while watching,“The one who disappeared,Also wear protective clothing?”
Jiang Fan nodded,“Yes。”Explain afterwards,“Only disguised as a researcher,To get in。Besides,”Paused,“Blood and other specimens of ladies Ou,We have all collected,Experimented.”
Ou Zhaozhao is not surprised at all,and so,“The results of it?”