He doesn’t want my father to suffer so much,Just slightly,Little,Nodded and agreed。

Then he became the adopted son of this family。
After he grew up a bit,Just know this behavior,Is illegal。but,But under the regulations,Completed the adoption procedures。
Because his father became an immigrant from another European country。
He is the father and mother in China,Adopted orphan。
He and his father were both born in the homeland——China。
After secretly asking professionals,Si Mubai confirmed,His father and his identity information,All have big problems。But because it is fully qualified,So there is no problem。
This is the biggest problem。
Dad obviously remembered that he was from China,But made a fake。Give him a fake。
Why is that?
This question,Always pressed in the deepest part of his heart。Also on the surface of the mother,Secretly tortured by selfishness,Become more and more occupied.
until,He saw someone who looked exactly like him,From China,Ms. Ou Zhaozhao。
Before he panic stepped down,Did not finish the show,After being found by the teacher,He has already inquired about Ms. Ou Zhaozhao,He can inquire,All news。Spent all the valuable things on him,Including his most precious,A pocket watch his father gave him。
The cover of the pocket watch,Inside,Engraved with four words——Show my heart。
The question that has been pressing in the deepest part of my heart,Seems to have a very absurd answer。