“Grandpa jack,How long will it be?”

“Mistress,Don’t worry,Work-study students do not need to take the admission exam。”
“Let me tell you,You have to live alone when you arrive at the college,You can go home only during the holidays。”
“You have to listen to the teacher in school,Work-study students must be diligent。”
“Must become a soul master,Our village can follow the light!”
“Ugh.Your old man is not up to date,Future Advanced Soul Master Academy,Can’t afford it.”
Old Jack is talking endlessly,Don’t forget a few words about Tang Hao。
“Earn money for yourself,I gave him all the skills of a blacksmith。”
“Be a part-time blacksmith,Enough for daily expenses。”
“Tuition, look for Tang Chen.”
Tang Hao is in a good mood,A rare retort to old Jack。
It doesn’t matter how you say it on weekdays,Now she was trained by Tang Chen。
If it’s still dull,,Can give that kid high blood pressure。
“Primary three is only six years old,How can you let him do this kind of work?”
“Same parents.”
Old Jack was anxious when he heard it,Stopped and pointed Tang Hao fiercely。
Lived for decades,I have never seen such a cruel parents。
Tang Hao suddenly raised his brow,Ignore old Jack’s words,But looked at the big tree in the distance。