Wake up from a dream,Zhu Zhuqing remembered what happened yesterday。It turns out all this is a dream,She was not with Zhao Ming,And Dai Mubai seems to have taken her,,,

Hold the quilt in your hand with both hands,Eyes closed,Zhu Zhuqing shed painful tears。
She remembered。
last night,Dai Mubai drugged her,Then she fainted。
What will happen later,She doesn’t need to think about it。
Dai Mubai,I hate you。Zhu Zhuqing clenched his fists。
“Takeki,you’re awake?”Ning Rongrong just finished washing and saw Zhu Zhu wake up,Immediately put down the things in his hands,Ran to Zhu Zhuqing’s bed,Look at her pityingly。
“Rongrong?”Zhu Zhuqing was taken aback。Shouldn’t she be in Dai Mubai’s bed now??Why is Rongrong here??
Zhu Zhuqing carefully looked at the decoration of the room,This is clearly their dormitory。
“Takeki,Do not worry。Dai Mubai didn’t do that to you yesterday。”Looking at Zhu Zhuqing’s expression,Ning Rongrong, who is also a woman, naturally knows what she is thinking,Explain to Zhu Zhuqing.
Didn’t do that?
Dai Mubai would be so kind?Zhu Zhuqing shook his head,She knows exactly what kind of person Dai Mubai is,In that situation, Dai Mubai couldn’t let her go。
“yesterday,Zhao Ming went to save you。Okay to go in time,otherwise,That bastard Dai Mubai really succeeded。”Ning Rongrong saw Zhu Zhuqing not believe it,Keep saying。
“Zhao Ming?You mean,Zhao Ming went to rescue me yesterday?”Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes widened,Surprise asked。
“of course。Wait for me to explain to you slowly。”