The whole military affairs department,Can freely enter and exit secret warehouses No. 1 to No. 3,There are only three of them.。

“Old yuan,Your words are too serious,Mo Xiaosheng just wants to go in and study!”
Hu Fan hurriedly explained to Mo Xiaosheng,“This shows that he can understand the content of those ancient books,And this time I can see through the Sword Master League about‘Reborn Eucharist’lie,It is also because Mo Xiaosheng read the three books borrowed last time,So let him enter the secret warehouse No. 1 for research,Then teach his thorough research to other members of our military intelligence department,This is fundamentally,Is improving the strength of the Military Intelligence Department!”
“Humph!What if this kid has ulterior motives!”
Yuan He gave a cold voice,Shook his head firmly,“No matter what you say anyway,I just don’t agree with this kid entering secret warehouse number one!”
First0519Chapter accident
Hu Fan sees Yuan He so determined,Complexion can’t help but change,A little angry in my heart,Yuan He,He doesn’t give him the face of No. 1 chief。
Shui Dongwei smiled and said immediately:“Old yuan,Look at you,What can’t be said slowly,Don’t jump to conclusions in such a hurry!”
“Yes,Old yuan,Let’s at least discuss it first!”
Hu Fan calmly,Said rather helplessly,After all, if Mo Xiaosheng wants to enter the No. 1 secret warehouse,Must get the unanimous consent of the three of them,No one is missing,So Hu Fan can only pull the bottom to persuade。
“**,I didn’t mean to embarrass you,But you should know what the contents of the secret warehouse number one mean?”
Yuan He turned his head and said in a deep voice,“Stored there,But the essence of Huaxia’s thousands of years of profound art,We can’t just let this kid in just because he can see what’s inside.?Who knows what he is moving?And strictly speaking,He is just named in our military affairs office,Doesn’t count as the official establishment of our Military Intelligence Department?!How can you rest assured to let him in such a secret place!Last time it was not a special situation,I would never agree!”
“But it was because we let him in,This time, the MI’s face was saved!”
Hu Fan looked at Yuan He and said in a deep voice,“You were not there,I don’t know how rampant those people are,I just slapped me openly in front of everyone!”