“mom,Are you tired,Shall I take it for you。”Shen Zhiyue reached out to Lu’s mother。

Middle-aged woman hide away:“no need,You are so tired from filming,Rare vacation,Of course you have to take a break。How can you be on the scene when you are exhausted?。”
Shen Zhiyue thoughtfully,Lu Shanshan’s torso is a bit weak,Just walked a few hundred meters,Legs are numb,I will exercise more in the future。
Mother Lu suddenly asked:“Who on earth was talking to you just now??boyfriend?”
Shen Zhiyue thinks of Lu Shanshan’s daily idiot behavior,Deny immediately:“of course not,Just a colleague。”
Mother Lu sighed:“Ugh,I am the one who tired you,If my dad and I don’t divorce,You are still from the Lu family,Finding a good partner is much easier than it is now。”
chapter Five I won’t take advantage of you
Shen Zhiyue thoughtfully,What is Lu Shanshan’s background??Who is her father?Why does Lu’s mother always have such emotions?
But he doesn’t want to go into it。Compared with Lu Shanshan,Although his family business is big,But family harmony,Nothing can’t say。On the other hand, Lu Shanshan’s family relationship is more complicated。He and Lu Shanshan just changed their identities temporarily,There is always time to change back。Study other people’s family affairs too deeply,It will only increase worry about Shen Zhiyue。
Although Shen Zhiyue is a bit curious about Lu’s past,But he dare not go into it。
When Shen Zhiyue came to visit Lu Shanshan again, he was wearing a light blue suit。Lu Shanshan has lived a day with Shen Zhiyue and feels a lot of inconvenience,For example, when playing the trumpet, she always sits down habitually……
“Yue Ge,Can i tell you something?”Lu Shanshan hesitated,Blinking eyes。
Shen Zhiyue thought she thought of Mother Lu again,Open road:“You have something to say,I promised you would take good care of Auntie,Just say what you have ordered。”
Lu Shanshan is a little embarrassed:“Has nothing to do with mom,What i want to say is,Can you wear a blindfold when you change clothes in the toilet?。”
There were two strange blushes on Shen Zhiyue’s face,He coughed:“rest assured,I won’t take advantage of you。”
This time it’s Lu Shanshan’s turn to feel embarrassed,In her free time, she always likes to lift the hem of her clothes and touch the abdominal muscles of this torso,It doesn’t feel too good。
Lu Shanshan finally put up a question and asked Shen Zhiyue how his abdominal muscles were trained,Shen Zhiyue handed her a paper box。
Lu Shanshan:“?”