Woman yelled,He took the sword and slashed it towards his throat,Fortunately, Xia Chenglong responded quickly,Grab it,Only then escaped!
“woman,You are crazy!”
“I can’t kill you,You successfully humiliated me,Stop me now,Do you think such shame is not enough?,Okay then come on!”
Hatred can blind people’s eyes to a certain extent,Like the woman at the moment。
Xia Chenglong stand up,Looking at the woman faintly:“Who said your mother died!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five Overjoyed
Yue is still in a daze,I have never understood Xia Chenglong’s words。
She obviously didn’t see her mother after waking up,From the previous situation,Except already……There is no second choice!
All the definite numbers are completely different from what we originally thought,This huge gap makes people unable to calm down!
“If you want to see real results,Can come with me!”Xia Chenglong turned and left after speaking!
Yue naturally got up quickly to follow,She wants to see what tricks this man is doing。
As for my life,I gave it to Hades just now,So there is nothing to be afraid of。
There are no tall buildings in ordinary slums,No Flower Land Villa,Large and small courtyards constitute a unique architectural scenic spot here。
An ordinary courtyard,Even here it looks different,Everyone is talking about the owner of the yard,After all, people who can buy a courtyard house here,I definitely have the ability to live in the beautiful villa area。
“Dong dong dong……Dong dong……Bang……Dong dong……”