Yanzi explained with a wry smile。

“He is our boss!Oh my God!seriously!”
The special forces king who likes the beautiful president, please collect it:()The special forces king of the beautiful president。
Chapter three thousand seven hundred and eighty four What your own?
The girl cried out in disbelief!She really didn’t know the person she just faced,Is his supreme commander,The most famous fighter in the Dragon Soul army,No. 1 in the worldBOSS。
“of course it’s true!I never lie。”
Yanzi nodded and confirmed again。
“It’s over!I just offended him!This is terrible……”
The little girl is really a little flustered here,This is too unlucky!It’s rare to have time to stroll out and buy something,Who is not good,Actually met my own“boss”,Not counting meeting the boss,I even teased the boss for a long time!Now even if he doesn’t kill anyone,I must clean myself up!
“You offended him?Why did you offend him?Didn’t you just meet him??”
The swallow wondered。
“I just……Keep teasing him!Can’t blame me,I don’t know who he is!He didn’t tell me who he is,He only told me that he is a dragon soul warrior,Thousands of Dragon Soul Warriors,How could I think that the scariest one I encountered!”
The little girl started to make excuses for herself。
Swallow laughed immediately。
“Sister!Don’t laugh!Will he clean up me?!”