Shu Qing said:“I reflect that it’s not as good as you,But I can’t wait to eat what I want right away,Go crazy if you don’t eat it,That evening,Especially want to eat zongzi,People are lying in bed,I really want to eat,But the supermarket was closed in the middle of the night,no way,endure,Very uncomfortable,Work the next day,I sneaked out of the supermarket and bought rice dumplings,After steaming home,Ate two at once,Never want to eat anymore,Now I think of zongzi and I feel sick。”

Gu Zhuo said:“What else do you want to eat in the future,Call us,Let the minister do it for you。”
Shu Qing said:“I think it’s OK,after,How about the minister’s house as our cafeteria??”
Gu Zhuo said:“Minister must like it,We dug a small vegetable cellar into the winter,All fresh vegetables in it,Guaranteed to eat environmentally friendly。”
Ding Yi said:“Good is good,Just too far,Without them,It’s really not convenient for us to go。”
First55chapter Threat from Shu Qing
Shu Qing said:“Nothing inconvenient,I’ll pick you up when I take a taxi,Still like last time,How comfortable we eat?”
Ding Yi covered his mouth and smiled:“Is comfortable,Throw up,If it wasn’t for Minister’s meal that made you throw up,How can i find the problem,How can I betray you?”
“Hate it——Don’t mention it,Lao Peng gets angry when he thinks of it……”
At this moment,A young man standing at the door came in,Whispered a few words in Chu Xiaoqiang’s ear,Chu Xiaoqiang nodded,That young man walked out。
Peng Changyi tilted his head and asked Chu Xiaoqiang,Whispered:“In case?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“The hotel manager brought someone to toast,Let them go back,Said Secretary Jiang said,It’s a family dinner,Inconvenient for outsiders to enter。”
Peng Changyi nodded。
Two suits outside the door“Waiter”,Actually Peng Changyi asked Chu Xiaoqiang to arrange two plainclothes。Peng Changyi is not worried about safety,I don’t want people to disturb,In addition,I don’t want people to see Wang Jiadong and Gu Zhuo。He did this to protect the people behind Wang Jiadong and Gu Zhuo,He doesn’t want people with ulterior motives to find any signs of Minister Fan,Although Wang Jiadong’s sentence has expired,And have gone through the relevant legal procedures,But Gu Zhuo hasn’t。Some things are like this,Reasonable is not necessarily reasonable,Reasonable is not necessarily legal,If it’s true,But everyone’s behavior is not so tight。
After the dinner,Everyone flocked Jiang Fan and Wang Jiadong out,Jiang Fan and Ding Yi left first。Peng Changyi told Chu Xiaoqiang:“Xiaoqiang,You send old Gu back to the office,I send the minister back to the farm。”
Xiaoqiang said:“How about this,Go with sister-in-law,I have a driver anyway,This driver came from Jinan the other day,Is one’s own,I am responsible for sending off the old Gu and Minister’s family,Don’t worry。”
Peng Changyi is still worried,Say:“No more,I picked up the minister,I have to send it back……”