These sharp screams,It’s not just the sound of livestock,It also includes the howling of human suffering!

Wang Hong heard these screams,Also hesitated for a while,But in the end, it didn’t stop the action of the murder book.。
Let the black smoke column keep expanding,Involving more and more white elephants。
And the role of the Dark Orb,It’s more than just damage。
Once the person in the black smoke column dies,A powerful slave of darkness will be resurrected from the body,Storm of death,Further spread to a larger area!
Mumbai police have not arrived at the slaughterhouse,I saw a one with a diameter of more than a kilometer on the way,The black pillar of terror,Suddenly appeared in front of them。
The most amazing is,This huge black smoke column,Still moving slowly towards Mumbai city!
Chapter 52 White Elephant(on)
Mumbai as an international metropolis,Any abnormalities here,Will spread throughout the world in the first time。
And the local officials of Baixiang Country,When I saw such a scene,All look dumbfounded,The brain even appears briefly blank。
“Lord Shiva!Are you going to destroy the world??”
Individual pious officials,Kneel down to the black smoke column,Pray seriously。
Only a few people did this at first,Wait for the camera near the black smoke column,When returning a lot of pictures,Inside the government office of Mumbai,Suddenly fell into a panic。
Thousands,Dark slaves of different sizes,Rushed out of the huge black smoke column。
These human skeletons are running on the streets of Mumbai,See all life,Will kill for the first time。
Even the police with guns,Met these skeletons,I can’t do anything with them。