Yes,Unless I can’t help it。

Obviously this time, many people’s sense of justice can’t be suppressed。
Most people easily believe the Weibo of genius Yufei.。
think about it,These fans even dared to comment on the Weibo comment area of Yang Media,Still care about a high school student?
Not to mention that the comment area has fallen。
Even if this is a great,High school students who just won glory for the country!
So countless passers-by were collectively angry。
Qian Mingming’s Album《deep sea》Must resist!
what?You have to buy it before you can comment?
Pooh,Stupid to buy!
It doesn’t matter,Everyone also has a third-party evaluation platform, such as Douzi Music, where you can directly write a one-star negative review!
what?You want《deep sea》Hot search!
Sorry,Countless passers-by have put a bunch of messy topics on the hot search,Even a netizen’s mother cat gave birth to a baby in the top 50 of the hot search list,Put directly《deep sea》To the place where no shadow can be seen in the first 100。
what?Fans fry the pot on Weibo,Who should spray?
Come,brother、sister、uncle、Auntie today, teach you how to behave……
Speaking of it, this reminds a generation of the passionate and verdant years。
That’s the age when a word of disagreement in the online chat room can be sprayed until dawn。