Destiny is sometimes an amazing coincidence。

The first day of Yanzi’s apprenticeship,Got the task,Say goodbye to Qin Liang in a hurry,right now,It’s the first day just after the training,Qin Liang received the task……
A six-person action team on secret missions,Encountered an accident while returning from the mission,Was hunted down by a large number of militants of unknown origin,Now evacuating outside the city。
Because the mission is highly confidential,So this action team cannot ask the police for support,Also, they cannot get support from the local garrison,In addition, the team was ordered not to carry heavy weapons when they went on mission.,Everyone has only one pistol,So when he exchanged fire with the militants,Unable to support,Unable to resist……
Three out of six people have been seriously injured,And when the ammunition is about to run out,The action team was forced to issue an emergency rescue request to the base。
In this emergency,Of course, the base must send the most combative action team to rescue,It happened that Qin Liang and a group of his disciples were staying in the base,So this task naturally fell to Qin Liang and the others.。
Who else can be the boss of Dragon Soul,World Warrior King Qin Liang,More combat effectiveness。
Different from before,This time Qin Liang received the mission notice,Totally lost ease,Free and easy look,But a frown。
The thing he least wants to see,Still happened……
In his heart, he is absolutely unwilling to bring Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun to the battlefield.,Because on the battlefield,Even he,There is no way to ensure their safety。
But this time the task assigned by the base is;Qin Liang immediately led all the soldiers of the Dragon Soul combat unit in the base,All rushed to the rescue mission。
There are many tasks for the Dragon Soul Force,According to Qin Liang’s original design,All tasks with high risk,He didn’t plan to let Shen Ruoxue and the four little girls participate。
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