He saw the football flying over,Falling from the air,Draw an arc。

This scene seems familiar,It’s like on the playground of Dongchuan Middle School,The football was kicked to that shelf by him,Tight rope net bag,Fly up,Fly in front of him,The arcs are almost the same as they are now。
The head coach’s roar suddenly sounded in his mind:“Stop the ball and shoot!”
Yes,He should stop the ball and shoot again,This way。
But he is always worried if he stops the ball and shoots again,May not shoot out……
He watched the flying football,Swing the right leg outwards while running。
Like he opened a door for football,Football falls in,About to touch the ground。
Li Ziqiang on the sidelines saw Hu Lai’s action,Took a breath。
“This mess……”
He knows what Hu Lai is going to do。
Actually when the football flew to Hu Lai,He didn’t know how many times he gritted his teeth“Never shoot directly”Up。
The last chance,You can’t just kick it directly onto the back track!
He hasn’t finished speaking yet,I saw Hu Lai hit the football with his right foot!