“what!”Shen Ruoxi was caught by Qin Liang,Unsteady footing,Fall back,Qin Liangfeidan didn’t hug her,And fell down。

that’s it,The two fell on the sofa,Shen Ruoxi was caught by Qin Liang……
Shen Ruoxi closed her eyes with shame,Dare not look at Qin Liang。
Seeing Shen Ruoxi like this,Qin Liang will almost eat her right away。
“Qin Liang,you……What are you doing,You said you abide by the marriage agreement。”Shen Ruoxi is angry and anxious。
Qin Liang said with a smirk:“Hehe,Wife,I got it,I must obey the drip,But this time you fell by yourself,It’s none of my business。”
“alright,I know,You get up first。”Shen Ruoxi is angry and annoyed,Quickly urge Qin Liang to get up。
Qin Liang slowly got up from Shen Ruoxi,The process must be done secretly,It provokes Shen Ruoxi’s anger again。
After Qin Liang got up,Shen Ruoxi got up from the sofa quickly,Stomp angrily,Ran to the room on the second floor, leaving only a smug Qin Liang in the living room。
“what,sister,What happened to you?Why is my face so red。”Shen Ruoxue in Advanced Room,Seeing Shen Ruoxi running back to the room with a flushed face,A strange question。
When Shen Ruoxi thought of the situation just now,For fear that Shen Ruoxue would know,Laugh at her,Made up a random reason:“No……It’s nothing,Maybe I drank some boiling water,A little hot。Oh,correct,Wait for you to take a bath together。”
“Yeah!”Shen Ruoxue jumped up happily,She hasn’t bathed with Shen Ruoxi for a long time,She and her sister have had a very good relationship since they were young,But after growing up,Sister is always busy with work,After moving out,,No more time to stay together,Let alone take a bath together。