Chapter two The witchcraft on fire

“Kid,what did you say?I won’t kill you today,My name, Hu Liena, is written backwards。”The woman’s coquettish and pretty face is now pale with anger。
She has always been looked up to in Wuhun Hall,She didn’t expect that she would be treated like this one day。
“Hu Liena?Your name is Hu Liena?”
Zhao Ming’s eyes widened,Isn’t Hu Liena the saint of Wuhun Temple??
I had a vengeance with Wuhun Hall on the first day?
“Little sister,I think we need to sit down and talk。”Zhao Ming Sandao。
Offended Wuhun Temple,But nothing to end。What’s more, the teacher in front of me is the Pope Bibi Dong from the Spirit Hall.。
“Wait for me to goug your eyes,Let’s talk。”
Hu Liena didn’t even think about talking to Zhao Ming,Wuhun directly released。Obviously she wants to get rid of Zhao Ming as soon as possible。
Hu Liena’s martial soul is a demon fox,With the release of Wuhun,Fox-like pointed ears grow on her head,A fluffy foxtail grows from the hip,Emit red light。
Suddenly seductive。
Under the body,Are two yellow spirit rings。One of the spirit rings is light yellow,The other is dark yellow。She only acquired this spirit ring these days。
In fact,She came to Star Dou Great Forest this time to get her second spirit ring。
It seems that there is no discussion。