I also want to treat myself to football,To life,To family,To children,To dream,For love……I put my thoughts on many things in a book,In one world。

I read books i like to read,I feel like I am immersed in the world created by the author,Inextricable。When the book is finished,Will have a deep sense of melancholy,Feel empty。
I read it in one breath for several days《Fu Han》After that。
I write about my aerial football,With this“I want to create a world”Thoughts to write。
So although some plots are unnecessary to some readers,But I also have to write,Because i know it is necessary。
I have my own persistence and stubbornness on this point。
And do you write a lot of plots outside of these games??I don’t think much,Necessary to write,Not a word too much。
Let’s say that from the end of last season’s China League to the current China-Korea war,Some readers have counted,Said that there are no matches in how many chapters。
But I didn’t write the book according to how many chapters there must be a competition.。I am shaped according to the character、The plot advances to arrange the content。
From Chapter 66 to Chapter One Hundred and Three,Nearly forty chapters,Only two irrelevant games,One is the last round of China,Ritual game,One is a warm-up match for the training team。
These two games can basically be regarded as no games。
What did I write outside of these two games?
Hu Lai home,Relax relationship with parents,Trying to reunite with Coach Li,The interaction and feelings with Li Qingqing progressed gradually;And the new contract with the club is finalized;Hu Lai’s reconciliation with grandpa;Take the opportunity of the World Cup to briefly introduce the overview of world football;Use something likeFMFootball Manager’s game visualizes Hu Lai’s abilities,At the same time, it also laid the groundwork for the future plot,And the football game itself is also what is necessary to shape the world;Attention from the national team;The intersection of Chen Xingyi and Luo Kai’s future and destiny with Hu Lai;National Olympic training is equivalent to opening a new copy,New teammates and new roles appear one after another,Use the opportunity of training camp to continue to develop with Li Qingqing;Describe Hu Lai’s current ability through Guo Junfu’s perspective;A party not only embodies Hu Lai’s ability, but also shows the easter eggs and tacit understanding between him and Li Qingqing.;Describe the grievances between Chinese football and Korean football in this time and space through the East Asian Cup,And bring out the two main opponents in this age group in the future……Finally, a blockbuster in the Sino-Korea war turned out。
So much content,I just sum it up in a few hundred words and I’m done,It seems that the content of the previous dozens of chapters is really good。
But just look at these summary,Can you really understand the world and characters in this??
Or I change the way of writing,Hu Lai goes home on a date with Li Qingqing,I will mention a paragraph in the text“Hu Lai and Li Qingqing made an appointment to meet,Had a meal,After dinner they went shopping,Talk about each other’s ideals,Hu Lai was a little melancholy and disappointed,Because Li Qingqing is going to play the World Cup,He doesn’t even know where to open the World Cup door……After returning home, Hu Lai received a call from Uncle Yong,Tell him the contract is negotiated,So he bid farewell to his parents,Back to the club……”
Is this?
maybe,But not what i want to write。
What I want to write may be a bit cumbersome,Take the trouble to describe things other than the protagonist,From the perspective of serialization, it may be water,Is slow。
But when I wrote it, I considered the book is over,As a whole,What will be the effect。