“Damn,Why is it so dark here?Don’t say light up more lights,I’m so scared……”

About to step back,Suddenly behind him came the voice of a man talking……And the tone of this man,It’s exactly like a pretty girl talking,The voice of this speech is so fucking familiar!
Qin Liang couldn’t help turning around immediately,really!The one talking behind“Shemale”Isn’t it his brother-in-law Xiao Huahan?!
And Xiao Huahan is still with someone,A robe,Preaching Crown,It’s actually Liang Feng!
Qin Liang’s mouth opened wide,The cigarette in my hand also fell to the ground……
I have a hasty!What is this?Family gathering?Why are all here?Doesn’t my wife come too?!!
I thought that Shen Ruoxi was probably here too,Qin Liang is really going to be scared to pee on his pants!
This girl was soaked,Even my wife got soaked in Dechang!
You won’t die if you don’t do it,This is my own rhythm!
Xiao Huahan and Liang Feng also saw Qin Liang,The two of them have been told many times before Yanzi and Yang Shiyun,So the two people just exchanged glances with Qin Liang tacitly,Just walked into the inn。
Qin Liang turned around“escape”Back to the room……
“what,you are back!This TV series is super good,Come and watch with me。”
Xiaodie saw Qin Liang come back,Greet him immediately。