Chapter two hundred and twenty-four The hero behind the big tree
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Entered the room,Luna is very enthusiastic with Liu Rushi,Feifei Sun said hello。
“Hello there,you are?”
Feifei Sun’s surprised question,Liu Rushi is more shy,She usually won’t speak actively in this situation。
“I am a professional killer among Dragon Soul Warriors,Ordered to protect the three of you,Hehe。”
Luna said openly。
Sun Feifei and Liu Rushi were all taken aback!
“how?Do not believe?”
Luna asked naughty。
“What she said is true,She is Yanzi’s apprentice,Like her master,Also a top killer,This is absolutely true。”
Chen Hao come back,Smiling and said to Liu Rushi and Sun Feifei。What she said,Nature is absolutely true,Liu Rushi and Sun Feifei know her very well,So listen to what she said,Naturally know that there will be no fake。
“Oh my God!Hitman,So young and beautiful!”
Feifei Sun cried out in disbelief。
“Where where,Compared to my master,I’m just a student。”
Luna said modestly。