Jiang Fan said mockingly:“Yes,I also borrow flowers to offer Buddha。”

Ding Yi heard that the section chief said that Secretary Zhong did not change his phone,Then he must have given Yajuan the phone,Thought of here,She re-buttoned the box,Said:“mayor,This phone is really inappropriate for me。”
“why?If you think one is not enough,I still have one,How about giving it to you?”Peng Changyi said。
Ding Yi looked at Peng Changyi,Looked at Jiang Fan again,Her face is reddish,Said for a long time:“Do your city leaders have a share??”
Jiang Fan nodded。
Ding Yi said:“I do not want it,Or give me your old ones。”
“what happened?”Jiang Fan asked。
“I saw a few days ago……I saw that Yajuan also used a phone exactly like this one,It’s not suitable for me。”
Peng Changyi said:“Hi,It was this,People’s Telecom Bureau bought a batch of these small phones,Didn’t put it on the counter,Was pre-ordered in advance,Selling crazy in the market,Some people use,What can be the same as her?”
Jiang Fan knows Ding Yi’s concerns,Just said:“Changyi,Inquire,Does this phone have other colors,Change one if there is one。”
“should not,so far,I haven’t seen any other colors yet。”
Jiang Fan told Ding Yi:“such,Put you here first,When you think it can be used,Take it out again,Ok?”
Peng Changyi said:“Just,You can usually shut down,Turn on when you go home or something,Who can see it in your bag。”
Ding Yi thought about it:“Well,I completely accepted。Thanks again to the two mayors。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Why is it more difficult to give you a gift than to the mayor?”
“Ha ha。”Ding Yi smiled happily,Said:“Not difficult,I like someone to give me gifts。”
Peng Changyi said:“Give me your ID,I asked Mr. Gu to apply for a calling card for you,Have to pick a good number,I call the manager under Telecom。”