Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Nine The reputation of the Shrek Seven Monsters(Subscribe)
Ning Tian looked at the man’s disgusting cheek,More ugly,“Die for me!”
She is a member of the Qibao Liuli Sect,How can you serve this kind of garbage??
And you don’t need to look at this character,It must not be a good sect!
The wretched man looks more excited,“Correct,Is the expression on your face,When I get to my bed tonight,I promise you will never show it again!”
Commanded to the other person behind“Give me up!Let this woman serve me today!”
The servant behind him coughed,“That one……There are other participating teams around watching,Young Master,Is it something to do here?……”
The other also reminded in a low voice“Yeah, Young Master,If you make trouble here again,Sovereign won’t let us go!”
Wretched man,Only then did his face calm down,cold“Humph!”With a……
Turn around and leisurely“let’s go!Wait for the soul master contest to end,Let this woman stay with me!”
Qianyu looked at the men who harassed Ning Tianhou who was leaving,Cold tone“and many more!”
The body of a wretched man,Turned around impatiently,Staring at Qianyu Road“Ok?You called Lao Tzu to wait?”
The men behind him also yelled towards Qianyu“Who are you brats,Dare to let our young master wait for you!”
“Just,Don’t want to play some heroes to save the United States?You really think we are annoying?”
“I don’t even ask which sect we belong to!”