“Teacher Lu,Do you have time for a meal together at noon?”Wu Di asked with a smile。

“Why are you here?Isn’t the mission over?!”
“The last task is over,Isn’t there another task??”Wu Di said calmly,“I am leaving here soon,Some things need to be told to you,Now you don’t have time?”
“Where’s the matter。”Lu Li smiled,“Then let’s go!”
They did not go to the school cafeteria,But came to a relatively deserted restaurant,Ordered a few signature dishes。
“How do you know i will take this class?”Lu Li looked at Wu Di and asked。
“Our anti-chen’s penetration of the dunya will be deeper than you think,It’s not difficult to grasp your whereabouts,You haven’t been at school these past two days but nothing happened,It was handled properly by our relevant personnel!”Wu Di said,Maybe Lu Li only knew that Nichen’s people asked him for leave,But there are many things he doesn’t know。
“I come this time,Is performing another task,This task happens to be related to you,So I stopped by to find you。”Wu Di continued。
“related to me?”
“Yes,Do you still remember the dragon ze agate that the phantom master said that day??After my understanding,That might really be a very important thing,We are also trying to find it,There seems to be some important information。It’s a pity that you have refined him,You don’t remember the memory inside,So these clues are broken。but,If we can figure out the origin of this dragon agate,Maybe we can find some new clues。”Wu Di explained。
Sure enough, the Dragon Ze agate is very important,What he worried about still happened。Fortunately,The people of Anti-Dust and Floating Fantasies think that after human beings leave the illusion,,Memory will disappear。If not,I am afraid that people from the two major forces have found themselves。
“Are you alone or have other companions this time?”Lu Li asked again。
“This task is very important,Has reachedBlevel,And the level is likely to increase。This matter is likely to develop into a battle between Nichen and Fuhuan,So I’m not the only one here this time。We will leave here soon,Go to the meeting place。”
“Blevel,What level is this again?”Lu Li is still unclear about the things inside Ni Chen。
“We have a very clear classification of tasks in the dust,And everyone is different because of their different strengths,There are also restrictions on the tasks that can be accepted。Whether it’s a fantasy or a dust,The level of strength is the same,Start boundary,Dao Jing,Extreme,Huajing and Yuanjing,Thanks to you,After we defeated the Floating Master,I have become a realm。Task levelD,C,B,A,withSgrade,What a master of Taoism can accept isBTasks of level and below。”Wu Di explained。
“That’s it!”Lu Li listened to,Know more about Ni Chen,He was silent for a moment。
Wu Di hesitated to speak but stopped,I hope that the land is quiet,Hesitated and asked,She wanted to ask Lu Li if she still remembered her memory,Lu Li feels very mysterious to her now,After remembering homology in her understanding,Lu Li will forget about it soon。But she found that Lu Li now feels very similar to Lu Li back then,Harmony is a kind of tenderness that warms my heart。
Has he really forgotten?