Qin Liang was so counted by the swallow that this was a shame,He thought about it for himself,I also feel that I did go too far,Although it was indeed because the girls had been surrounding Shen Ruoxi and the others to talk,I have no chance to come forward and speak,But this really can’t be an excuse for not talking to Shen Ruoxi until now……

What Yanzi said is right,Shen Ruoxi at this moment,It’s really uncomfortable in my heart!Although she has been talking and laughing with the girls at home,But in fact, her mind is still on Qin Liang,Qin Liang didn’t talk to her,But only one sentence,Just ask her:How do you know come here to find us?
Just this sentence,Then there is no more。
“Is he so speechless to me now??”
This is a question that Shen Ruoxi is struggling with at this moment.……
On her side, there is a match and no match, chatting with the girls at home,When one side is secretly thinking about things,Something she never expected happened。
Chapter three hundred and forty five How to have a baby
Suddenly an arm wrapped around her waist,She looked down,Is a man’s arm,Instantly scared her boss!Who is this so bold!Dare to do things to yourself in broad daylight!wavv
I looked back in horror,Qin Liang!
Shen Ruoxi was so relieved,As a wife,I can’t tell that it’s my husband’s arms around me,It can be seen how long she hasn’t enjoyed Qin Liang’s tenderness towards her,She was in a daze:The last time I had this kind of intimacy with Qin Liang,Has been a few centuries ago!
“I said girls,You all talked to my wife for so long,Should I give her back to me for a while??It’s almost an hour since I saw her,I haven’t talked to her yet,Can you let me talk to her for a while??”