But it still cannot be compared with the current two tasks,After all, I gave some hints,Like boosting morale。

But now these two tasks……
“Hard facts”What is the fact?
How can I prove that I am more qualified to challenge Chen Xingyi than Zhou Zijing?
What can I do to be better than Chen Xingyi?
Chen Xingyi has won two national championships and top scorer、Best player,Do you want to win three national championships?、Three best scorers and three best players,To complete the task?
This is obviously unrealistic。
It’s impossible for me to go to high school for five years to complete this task……
And the system issues this task,I certainly didn’t let myself do this。Otherwise, what is the significance of publishing a task that is destined to be impossible??
Hu Lai sitting on the toilet,Lost in thought。
Until the roommate Meng Xi started smashing the door outside:“Hey,Hu Lai,Your kid fell in the toilet?!”
He just withdrew from the system。
“What are you doing?”When Hu Lai opened the door,Meng Xi probed in suspiciously,Then sniffed,“No smell,You are not on the tuba?”
“What size?I am studying the structure of the toilet,Then think about the details of our new celebration move.。”Talking about Hu Lai going out of the bathroom。
“Really?”Meng Xi didn’t believe it very much,“Haven’t we learned all of our training moves??What details to add?Moreover,It was a rough imitation,What details are you paying attention to?”