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One thousand seven hundred and four chapters You dare to search even the chief
? “All right,You two go back,I went to rest too。”
Yang Shiyun sent away the two policemen,Turn around and walk slowly towards the ward where he is sleeping。
She walks very slowly,Then a bitter smile appeared on his face……
“Good you Qin Liang,Good you Shen Ruoxue,Good you Liu Xiaoyun!Unite and play us?Small,This routine is deep enough!It must be Liu Xiaoyun’s ghost girl who made plans for this game!”
Yang Shiyun secretly calculated in his heart。
“Ha ha……I said why is this weird tonight,A bunch of people are not sleeping,Take me and Meizi for an endless chat,It turned out to be deliberately let me and Meizi see;Every one of them,Not at the scene!”“Needless to say;Attacked the two policemen in the ward,It must be the dragon soul warrior Qin Liang called in secret!It’s probably Yang Zhi and the others!No wonder Ryoko said that they had cut the meat on the thigh,But in fact there is no!Yang Zhi must be threatening Liangzi,of course,They are also to Ryoko
A problem figured out,I can figure out the following questions one after another,After all, Yang Shiyun is an excellent criminal policeman with rich experience in handling cases.,As long as she finds a flaw,She can find the key to the problem。
“Die Qin Liang!He clearly promised me not to torture Liangzi!you lied,Humph!Lied to me!”In Yang Shiyun’s heart, this is called a depression,Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun’s stinky girls teamed up to tease……But she also knew in her heart;Qin Liang did this,Of course it’s all to help me and Meizi go well,Perfectly give this robbery and murder case to
broken!So she got angry,I am still very grateful to them。
Half a night without words,In the morning。