The general said firmly。

“This……I have to report to our government again……”
The commissioner said embarrassingly。
“Then you go quickly,correct,Tell your government by the way,We have received a written request from your country’s rebel leader,Asked us to meet his envoy,Negotiating the exchange of hostages for a batch of arms,and so,I hope you will fail,Can reply to us in the fastest time,Because as far as i know:The envoy of the rebels,Already on the way。”
The general finished,Stood up and turned around and left。
The special commissioner stood awkwardly in place,Then he rushed out of the room……
The sun slowly climbed to the center of the sky,It’s noon。
The whole earth is steaming hot by the scorching sun。
Swallow looked down at his watch,Sighed inwardly。
She and her second special commando,I’ve been waiting here for six hours,But I still didn’t see Qin Liang and the others.!
Swallow knows,At this moment they must be engaged in a desperate battle with the rebels chasing them.,I must be still trying my best to escape in my direction。
Because I can’t hear any gunshots,Explain that they are still far away from where they are,Such a long distance,The second special commando team can’t give them any support.……