And Xia Jihan said seriously:“Cousin,You can’t control Doudou forever。She has to learn the most basic survival skills。You can’t take her place。”

Since Xia Jihan came,Doudou is obviously more sensible,And do some simple labor。
Just Doudou depends on her even more。I’ll look for my sister when I can’t see it。I’ll hear that sister is going to the hospital,Instinctively grabbed Xia Jihan’s arm。
Li Wei said:“Doudou,obedient,Sister went to the hospital to give birth,You and aunt at home。”
Elder sister said:“It’s not convenient for you to go to the hospital with her,Let’s all go,Doudou won’t cause trouble anyway。”
Li Wei is right,Go out to warm up the car。
Xia Jihan said:“Big sister,Not so fast,It’s still a few days away?”
Elder sister said:“Stomach ache for nothing,You should go to the hospital。We live far from the hospital,It hurts so late。”
Xia Jihan didn’t insist anymore,Because her stomach hurts more and more。
At the maternity hospital,Li Wei found a good acquaintance in advance, the director of obstetrics and gynecology was waiting in the hospital long ago,After doing various checks for Xia Jihan,,Just let them go through the hospital procedures,Gongkou has already opened two fingers,And some amniotic fluid has flowed out。
Xia Jihan, lying in the delivery room, asked the eldest sister to take out an envelope from her bag,This is the money she had prepared for hospitalization。
She told elder sister:“Big sister,Please send this to cousin。”
Sister took the envelope and went out,I’ll be back soon,she says,The hospitalization fee has been paid,Your cousin said you will pay him back after he is discharged。”Talking,Put the money in her bag again。