As the commander of the army,Executioner of the titled Tianzong God of War。

Can rush the battlefield,100,000 enemies!
I can also walk in the garden,Horseback fishing,Xianyun Yehe。
to him,It’s just a condiment after a meal。
right now。
The red party is in the lead,The double car is clamped up and down,There is still a horse on the outside in the middle road.。
Baiyaozi has planned everything,Take the river soldier one step forward,Surrounded by‘Handsome’On the right,Siege。
See it,Everyone exclaimed。
This baiyaozi,If you don’t make a move,One shot,Is the killer,Nirvana!
Even a veteran player,Are breathtaking,This step is delicate and decisive,Even if it is replaced by yourself,Have been refunded。
And hear these people,Although it was expected,But Ren Dongguo still looks ugly,Took a few steps back。
Until it is announced that this fool has been defeated,Run away in embarrassment。
Let Yu Ruanhe get a divorce when he gets home。
Although I’m receiving a few cold words,But I can stay here anyway。
But now,But was swept out,Shameful!