Shikamaru said,While handing over the report to Naruto。

“Ok.Let me see.”The tired posture swept away,Naruto’s face gradually showed a serious expression,“The sixth generation of Mizukage Chojuro and the fifth generation of Mizukage Terumimei attacked the seven generations of Mizukage who just took office,So wanted as a traitor!”
“Ok,Naruto,What should we do?”
Shikamaru asked Naruto,Although Terumi Mei and Chojuro are old acquaintances of Naruto,But after all, it was treated as a betrayal by Wuyin Village,If you save it at will,Maybe it will directly trigger a war between the two villages。
Although since returning,Several other villages also gradually became dissatisfied with the water country,But in fact, it’s still a step away from starting the war.。
“Ok.”Naruto thought for a while,Said,“If Terumi Mei and Chojuro really come to Konoha Village,Just try to cover their whereabouts。”
Shikamaru nodded and said。
“correct,Shikamaru,About the newly appointed seven generations of water shadows,Do you know who it is?”
Shikamaru thought for a while,Then he shook his head and said:“do not know,But news should come out soon, right?。”
The heads of other villages,And each gave orders similar to Naruto。
On the seaside at the border of the country of water,Floating a small boat。
“Chojuro,are you feeling better。”