His voice just fell,Zhang Dongliang, secretary of the Municipal Legal Committee, and Ma Wenbo, director of the Public Security Bureau, came over,Lu Hua said:“Or just go to the small meeting room?”

Peng Changyi doesn’t want to move,Just say:“Right here,Call Song Zhihou in,Let him listen。”
Lu Hua went out,Song Zhihou will follow in after a while。Lu Hua said:“Secretary Peng,Are you still called Mayor Zhu and Lao Bai??”
Old white,Bai Jixue,Today’s Kangzhou City Discipline Secretary。
Peng Changyi looked at everyone,Said:“Listen to the situation first。Pillar,I heard you and Lao are looking for me,Are you two the same thing?”
Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Zhang Dongliang listened,I just looked at Ma Wenbo,Ma Wenbo also looked at Zhang Dongliang,Said:“Secretary Peng,you,heard?”
Peng Changyi said seriously:“Good things don’t go out,Bad things spread thousands of miles,Can i not hear?The city bureau called me early in the morning。”
Zhang Dongliang said:“Yes,I also called me early in the morning,Reported this。Such old horse,You report to Secretary Peng and Secretary Lu in detail。”
Ma Wenbo nodded,Said:“it is good,Let me report to the two secretaries first……”
Ma Wenbo said exactly the same as Wu Rongpei said,After listening to his report,Peng Changyi said:“For the situation of a street with scrap cars,How much does the Public Security Bureau have?”
Ma Wenbo didn’t understand the meaning of Peng Changyi’s words.,stunned,Somehow answer。
Peng Changyi increased his tone and said:“I mean how many companies have had previous convictions or have been related to previous similar cases?How big is the proportion?
Ma Wenbo says:“This proportion is small,That’s three or four?”
“Three or four?” Peng Changyi looked at him and said,Obviously he doesn’t believe this number。
“almost。”Ma Wenbo says。
Peng Changyi frowned,Look at him,Seriously:“What is almost!Are your numbers calculated like this??I want a detailed list,Report to me at four in the afternoon!”
Ma Wenbo bowed his head when Peng Changyi said this。