“How about we go for a walk?。”

Shen Ruoxue suggested。
She is in a very beautiful mood,So I really want to enjoy the wonderful feeling this beautiful mood brings to myself under the bright moonlight.。
“Walking ok,But let’s talk about it first:If you want me to catch that little fish for you,I don’t do it。”
Qin Liang deliberately teased again。
“You haven’t forgotten that little fish!Haha……”
Shen Ruoxue was immediately amused。
“As long as it’s related to you,I will never forget。”
Qin Liang started again!
But the innocent Shen Ruoxue will eat his way,So once he finishes saying this,Not only did Shen Ruoxue blush again,And lowered her head shyly!Nima,Make it like a boy confessing to his favorite goddess!
If this scene is seen by Shen Ruoxi,I have to kill Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue together!
“Let’s go,Let’s go for a walk。”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly spoke,Get stuck in the storyline of a sitcom“Hard performance”Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue were taken aback!The two of them woke up suddenly:There are four other spectators watching the show。
“let’s go,We go for a walk。”