He knows that Lu Ban’s popularity has risen a lot during this period,Many passerby fans have turned into Luban fans after this time,The black powder is also much less,But Luban has a natural disadvantage,He doesn’t have any masterpieces。

Kang Yong smiled:“I just received the news,May be today。”
“He’s getting hot again?”Wang Hongtao asked。
Kang Yong shook his head,Said with a wry smile:“This time it’s not him,Rather, he took the initiative to find his door。”
Wang Hongtao frowned slightly:“what’s the situation?”
Lu Ban’s importance to the romantic house is self-evident,If something happens to Luban,It will have a big impact on the upcoming full house of romance,So he had to cheer up。
Kang Yong took out his phone,Turn on circle music,Said:“Today, three first-tier singers released singles,There is also a veteran singer comeback……”
Wang Hongtao frowned tighter。
What does this have to do with Lu Ban?
“The songs released by these singers,Songwriters are……Luban!”Kang Yong said with a smile。
Wang Hongtao is preparing to put the cigarette in his mouth,After hearing Kang Yong’s words,The hand holding the cigarette suddenly stopped。
The whole figure seems to be petrified。
Chapter Sixty Eight Congratulations,Promoted to third-tier
The sunset glow is like a red leaf falling in the sky。