We scored in the World Junior Championships,The World Youth Championship did not,The most watched Olympics is not to be missed。

This time Shi Wuyin ledU22The training team won the East Asian Cup Championship,On the one hand, he continued to win the trust of the leaders,On the other hand, it also raised everyone’s expectations for this team.,More pressure。
If you can’t participate in the Madrid Olympics next year,Then he and Shi Wuyin will both have to end get out of class。
The future fate of these young people is hard to say……
After all, they need to show themselves on the stage of international competitions,They need to gain confidence by participating in the Olympics,increase experience,Provide more opportunities for future growth。
In front of such a goal,Personal little emotions and careful thoughts are meaningless。Li Zhifei hopes Guan Xinyan can set his mindset,Don’t think that the Olympic team will brake for him alone。
Everyone is flying,Those who can’t keep up have to fall further and further away,Completely eliminated。
Be the coach of Guan Xinyan for the past two years,He still doesn’t want that fate to really fall on this young man……
But he doesn’t count this matter。
Chapter One Hundred Sixty Three Zhao Kangming’s bold ideas
Take home4:2Beat the South China Sea,Momentum to become No. 1 in the league,Four days later, Thursday, August 3rd,Shining Star goes north to challenge Capital Athletic。
Despite the away game,Even though it’s a double match,Although Zhao Kangming has rotated the lineup,But just played a game“The best competition of the year”(Media language)The flashing star is still away2:0Capital Athletic。
Sunday after three days,Flash Star returned to the home court and ushered in the 16th ranked Tang Capital Kowloon。This team is also the second division team last season,After being promoted to the First Division,Fluctuating grades,Currently ranked 16th,The goal is to relegation。
Speaking of which, this team is still from Chen Xingyi’s hometown——Chen Xingyi is from Tangdu, Nanhe Province。
I don’t know if it’s because the villager met the villager,Chen Xingyi was very active in this game。
He completed his first brace since joining Flash Star,It was also the first score in his career。
The commentators of Nanhe TV are very helpless:“No wonder all said‘Fellow,Two tears’,It was beaten by the fellow……”
Hu Lai also scored a goal in this game,He has scored fourteen goals in the league this season,Still leading the league scorer list。