He feels he needs to practice the celebration,I wanted to use it twice beforeCLuo’s celebration,As a result, they failed because they didn’t stand firm when they landed.。

He wants to successfully perform this celebration in the national competition,Let everyone remember him。
The only pity is,Only numbers are printed on the jerseys of high school games,Does not print the player’s name,Otherwise, this set of celebration moves,TV viewers can not only see his number,Can still remember his name。
Thinking of this he got up from the turf。
“Eh,Hu Lai,What are you doing?”Mao Xiao is a little nervous,I thought Hu Lai was going to rub the camera again。At that time only《Goal》Net One Media,Shame is only ashamed in front of a media,The impact is still limited。Now so multimedia,Including official media,If you are so embarrassed,That’s a big joke……
“Extra training。”Hu Lai said without looking back。
“Extra training?We just finished training……What do you want to practice?”Mao Xiao asked suspiciously。
After talking about Hu Lai, he ran out,Then jumped high,One hundred and eighty degrees in the air,Cross your hands across your chest,Land again……After landing, he failed to maintain his balance,Step back and forth,Fell on his back on the turf of the training ground。
But he quickly got up from the ground,Didn’t even shoot the ass,Just keep repeating this set of actions。
This time he didn’t rush out so fast,The take-off height is not that high,I stopped when I landed。
But obviously,He is not satisfied with this effect,Everyone saw Hu Lai shook his head,Continue to practice his celebration。
The teammates just watched Hu Lai and retryed this celebration,And it can be seen that Hu Lai was not trying to pretend to be strange in front of reporters this time to attract attention,But take this matter very seriously。