This big screen wall is really too big,More than room spacing,But not depressed,In this way, the incoming vehicles can also be based on whereabouts,Divert to both sides。Jiang Fan knew the purpose of Peng Changyi’s big screen wall at a glance,This is the mystery of ancient Chinese architecture。

In addition,Follow Jiang Fan’s instructions,Create a transparent corridor in the middle of each row of bungalows,Above is the ceiling of color steel plate,The color of the ceiling is dark gray,On both sides are half-height fences,,In this way, Jiang Fan’s instructions of frugality are implemented,Beautiful environment again,It is convenient for the standing committee members in the back rows to come to the front for meetings on rainy and snowy days,But didn’t do exactly what Jiang Fan said,such as,Jiang Fan said that this corridor is completely enclosed,Peng Changyi borrowed from Zou Zijie,Below is the cement railing,There are two-foot-wide glass windows hanging above,Leave most of the space in the middle,Not only guarantees the privacy of this corridor,Not all closed,Fully enclosed will make people feel depressed,And it will cause no air circulation inside。
Jiang Fan is very satisfied with the design of this corridor。After the two leaders inspected the entire compound,Bao Zhigang said:“I didn’t expect the effect to be so good,Simply the most suitable office place,The whole layout not only reduces the breath,And stable,Looks comfortable,Boost,Especially this big shadow wall。Although I know there is this wall on the drawing,But I didn’t expect it to be so big,Even so big,It doesn’t show that it is overwhelming,Ha ha,Chang Yi contributed。”
Peng Changyi said embarrassedly:“Everything is based on the original design drawings,If you say gong,It’s the designer’s credit,It’s a good tone set by the two leaders,Well guided。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan laughed with satisfaction。
They looked at every room in every row of houses one by one,Finally came to the courtyard in front of the first row of houses,Jiang Fan looks at the new reinforcement、Heightened and widened walls,Said:“Changyi,Why are there so many barbed wire wrapped around this fence?,Isn’t there that infrared sensor railing??”
First13chapter Live up to expectations
Jiang Fan noticed,From beginning to end, Peng Changyi never said such words as anti-thief and anti-theft.,He felt that Peng Changyi became more and more sophisticated,Just nodded,No longer true on this issue。
Bao Zhigang said at this moment:“Changyi,Why don’t you paint the wall?,Should I see you too??”
Peng Changyi said:“I thought about it like this,Since we moved out of the building for frugality,Then it’s better to be as low-key visually as possible,also,If once painted,Whether it is white or gray,Then you have to brush every year,At least once a year,Appropriate twice a year,If the wall peeling off is not painted in time,It gives people a sense of rundown,Very ugly,and so,It’s better to keep the true colors of red bricks,That is low-key and easy,Natural。You see,Although the wall is not painted,But Xiao Gong took the hose and rinsed it carefully,The old dirt has been washed away,New to some extent。If the leaders like to paint,Then I will let Old Xiao arrange someone today。”
Bao Zhigang waved his hand and said:“no, I’m fine,What you said makes sense,It’s too eye-catching after repainting,And visually uncomfortable,That’s good。”
Jiang Fan said:“Since you don’t paint the wall,But the exterior walls of these five rows of bungalows seem to be processed。”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,In order to enhance the dignity of this yard,I sprayed all the outer walls of the bungalow with a relatively strong and durable coating,This color is only slightly darker than the original red brick,This way, the original tone is maintained,Looks newer than the original color,After all, these rows of buildings are the main body,Different from the wall。”