How old are these two little kids,There are so many beauties around。

Looks like a nobleman,I really envy these lofty people。
“Ten soul gold coins?So expensive?”
Tang San’s face changed slightly,The most exclusive hotel in Notting City only needs one gold soul coin。
Although the decoration here is exquisite,But nowhere to go,So expensive.
Touched my pocket,I want to save the little money I just saved to buy ore。
“Okay, I want this,If there is a free room, notify in time!”
Tang Chen dropped a bag of gold coins,Looked at Tang San a little funny。
This kid is really stingy,I usually give a lot of pocket money。
Don’t know why.
063 Dai Mubai appeared,Gambling!
“Don’t you know that the Red Ocean is my all year round package??”
Just after the formalities,An indifferent voice sounded。
Dai Mubai hugged the twins,Walk in quickly from the door。
“what?So many beauties.”