“I will contact Director Liu Yong now,Talk about it,correct,Where is that girl?”

Qin Liang took out his phone,One side asked with concern。
“In the corridor outside,Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun are looking at her……She has nowhere to go now……Ugh,There is a poor girl,I’m lonely now。”
Swallow’s tone was full of sympathy。
“That simple,After the police matter is over,If she has nowhere to go,Let’s take her away。”
Qin Liang said dismissively,Although only a few glances,But he witnessed Yu’er’s beauty with his own eyes,Of course he doesn’t mind having another little beauty in his family,Anyway, the family is already a daughter country,Don’t care if she has one more。
quickly,Several detectives came to the hospital,Picked up Yuer,Because she has lived with Yang Guang for a long time,So many things about Yang Guang,Need her testimony。
Solved Yang Guang, the black hand behind the scenes,Everything returned to calm,The next step is to wait for Yang Shiyun to recover。
Shen Ruoxi,Rotating company of Murong Shan and others,There is also the protection of the sisters of the Rose Army and the city police,Qin Liang stopped going to see Yang Shiyun every day,After all, my real wife is there,You should pay attention to the places you should avoid。
Qin Liang doesn’t care about this anyway,Yang Shiyun will be his sooner or later,Can’t run,Can’t fly,No need to show how much you care about her in front of everyone。
Stayed at home for two days,Qin Liang can’t stay free,I start to miss my little girlfriends again,After all, the time we separated from them was a bit long this time。
So the third day,Qin Liang just went to the company“Go to work”Up。He went to Chen Hao’s office first,I didn’t expect to eat closed doors,Chen Hao, who has always been devoted to his duties,The office door is actually locked。
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Chapter VIII I’ll be with you tonight
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I’ll be with you tonight