“Pay attention to your banal immortal design!!Give me a gentleman!!”Ou Zhaozhao stared,“I don’t care what mountain eagles look like in front of you,Give me face engineering。I gave you so good-looking,What a deceptive tool,What a pity if you throw it away.”

“.”Si Guangnian speechless,But he has to admit,A lot of his business,Really made a conversation with this face,how to say,People with color control and hidden attributes,Really a lot。He used to carry it often,What a shame in private,Don’t mention it。After all, after he got home,Free yourself,I’m not a victim.But it’s not carved from a mountain.
“Mainly because it is still unclear,Our knowledge of them is limited to the information found。But over there,Because Zhang Rui is such an ear-reporting god,Must know us better than we know them。This is a bit passive,Be cautious,It doesn’t hurt.”
Chapter Four Hundred and Two Come again
Ou Baobao helped Ou Zhaozhao persuade Si Guangnian,“Moreover,Zhang Rui probably only saw you on the news,You are old now,It’s quite different from the boy in the past。The name has also changed,Nobody said,Zhang Rui doesn’t know,Sun Xiaofei certainly can’t think of it。”Si Mubai as a boy,Just a fragile, humble and beautiful boy,right now,A mountain eagle,But it’s still obvious to ban Xianba。
Censorship,good looking,Inhumane fireworks,Unreasonable emotions,High above。Plus the attributes of the boss,It’s even higher。
But eldest brother is very elegant,Ling Ran Peerless。And the arrogant arrogance of brother,Is totally different。
If Sun Xiaofei is not pointed,,I would never think that Si Guangnian is the beautiful boy back then。
Si Guangnian listened,accepted。Refers to Yuze,“What about him?Don’t hide?”Paused,“In case, you can find him directly,Meet up,going or not?”
Yuze gritted his teeth,Have eaten half a box of ice cream,“go with!!why do not you go?Renjie has a face to find,I still have no face to see why!!”It’s Yu Zimo, sorry mom,Sorry for him,It’s not that they are sorry for Yu Zimo,There’s nothing to be sorry for Sun’s mother and daughter!!
“Really speaking,During the marriage,Stocking Outer Chamber,And the actual act of transferring property,Mom tells grandson now,It’s okay too?”Yuze suddenly spoke。
Baby Ou raised his hand to speak,“If it really rises to this point,Over there Yuzimo,The property left by the Yu family,Sun Xiaofei can also fight for part of the lawsuit.Some of it is considered marital property,Part of the Yu family’s legacy。Ou Yue Mountain,It was developed and expanded based on the assets of the original Yujia。Really got to this point,It seems we are at a disadvantage?”
“this part,Let the lawyers figure out a solution。Even if they don’t have this idea,I will prepare。Never let them take advantage。”
Yuze sneered,“Real money in my hand,It’s true。If they desperately want money,How could it not take advantage.Since Sun Hao has been unmarried, she took Sun Xiaofei,I knew she was a scheming cruel person。When Yu Zimo was alive,She said she did not get married,But Yu Zimo has been dead for so many years,She has never been married,What is this scheming,It’s really hard to say.”
Baby Ou didn’t expect so many,but,“Yujia’s original assets,Just one million,Even if it appreciates now,It’s impossible to calculate them based on the current market value.。Even if it is calculated according to the current market value,Not more than ten million at most,They fight,Let them fight,Dragged on for five or six years,Another installment,Spending money on disgusting them,Not good?”
“.”Ou’s mother and son were speechless at the same time。