Thinking like this,Ye Tong suddenly felt confident,The arrogance in the bones spontaneously,She sneered in her heart:Want to run,Not so easy!But her mouth said:“I have handed it to my assistant,Let him put it back,You can borrow it from the human resources department。”

Zhang Dachuan,I want to leave right away。
Ye Tong suddenly shouted in awe:“stop!”
Zhang Dachuan is clever,He stopped,Looking back at Ye Tong alertly。
Ye Tong saw his sharp eyes,So guilty。Say:“You are waiting here,I’ll get it for you。”
Zhang Dachuan said:“no need。”Finished,He walked forward again。
“You can’t go。”
Zhang Dachuan turned around,Walked to Ye Tong’s table,Leaned over and looked at her,Suddenly smile,Said:“Why can’t i go?Mr. Ye?”
Ye Tong felt that his smile was playful,Just say:“Since you want to see the file,I will call the assistant right away,Let him send it over。”
Ye Tong wants to hold him,And then looking for countermeasures。
But Zhang Dachuan sneered,Said:“Sorry,I changed my mind,no need,Goodbye。”
“Then you can’t go!”
Zhang Dachuan has reached the door,Listen to Ye Tong saying this,He understood in his heart,Said:“Why don’t you let me go?Your dignified President Ye,Wouldn’t you be stunned by my little clerk??Is the senior leader tired of playing with low-level male ducks?,I want to try my tastes as a single old man,Sorry,I’m not interested,Goodbye。”
Ye Tong saw Zhang Dachuan had walked out the door,Knowing that I have nothing to do with him,Call Peng Changyi quickly,It’s just that the call hasn’t been made yet,Zhang Dachuan is back。
He said:“You don’t need to call,The police have arrived。”
Ye Tong was surprised,The microphone fell from the hand。