After Hu Lai fell asleep,The door of his bedroom was gently closed。
Xie Lan returned to her bedroom,Husband is still sitting on the sofa,Swiping phone。
“Fell asleep at ten thirty……”Xie Lan glanced at the clock on the wall。
“Habits developed by professional teams,This shows that his professionalism is pretty good。”Hu Lixin said while holding his phone。
“Why didn’t you tell your son at the dinner table??”Xie Lan complained。
“Why should i tell him,I’m explaining to you。”Hu Lixin looked up at his wife。
“The last half sentence,Praise him,Say it in person。Let him know you love him。”
Hu Lixin seems to want to explain,But after he opened his mouth,But shook his head:“Too lazy to say。”
“You!”The wife naturally knows her husband’s temper.,So in the end a thousand words can only be translated into these two words。
Then she changed the subject:“Have you noticed that our son has grown taller??”
“Have it?”Hu Lixin looks at the phone,Answered casually。
“How not?Before you get off work,I measured his height at home,He is seven or eight meters tall now!”When it comes to this,Xie Lan’s tone is excited。“I remember he was only 1.7 meters in his first year of high school!”
Xie Lan, who is only 1.5 meters tall in shoes, has been worried about her genetic drag,Cause the child to grow up。Especially Hu Lai is still a boy,Height is more important——She had even had a nightmare that she could not find a daughter-in-law because the child was not tall enough。It shows how obsessed she is。
I heard the height figure of 1.78 meters,Hu Lixin nodded:“Don’t worry now?I’ll tell you that he doesn’t need to worry about his height。”
“Who was right before?”Xie Lan said that,The face is still beautiful。