Xiao Yuer agreed in a low voice, embarrassed,Turn around and walk away slowly,Li Hai gave Qin Liang a deep look,My eyes are full of gratitude,Of course he understands that Qin Liang deliberately separated himself from Xiao Yuer。
Qin Liang also glanced at Li Hai,And then nodded to him,The two men completed a speechless conversation while looking at each other,Li Hai just stood up and walked behind Xiao Yuer……
“Brother-in-law,Are you deliberately Chengquan Yuer and Li Hai??”
Liu Xiaoyun and Xiao Yuer have gone away,I asked Qin Liang in a low voice。
“I didn’t mean to fulfill them,It’s impossible to fulfill them,I just feel sorry for Yu’er。”
Qin Liang replied helplessly with a wry smile。
“But if you do this,Isn’t Yu’er more unable to extricate herself??”
Shen Ruoxue also spoke。
“You should actually think of it;No matter what we do or don’t do now,Yuer is in a state of being unable to extricate herself。We must save her,Help her get out of this relationship,but not now,But after Li Hai left her,It’s no use helping her now,Can’t make any difference。”
Qin Liang stared at Xiao Yuer’s back not far away,Said thoughtfully……
“This matter is full of sorrow from beginning to end!Not only Yu’er is sad,The same for all of us。”
Shen Ruoxue suddenly said with emotion。
“what do you want to say?Koyuki?”
Qin Liang turned his face to look at Shen Ruoxue and asked。
“we all know;It is very immoral to break up the feelings of others,But all of us are now preparing to do this together,Although we are forced to do so。”
Shen Ruoxue made no secret of expressing what she thought in her heart。