Wait for them to get to the light,I found out that this is a wide stone crack,Through the cracks in the stone, you can see that there is a big cave inside,The ground is covered with green moss and plants,And there are several rays of light from the top of the cave,Makes the cave look brighter。

“Anina,go,Let’s go in and see!”
Mo Xiaosheng saw such a big cave,Can’t help but smile,I know that most of the monkeys ran into this cave。
Then he pulled Anna through the stone crack,Entered the cave。
Just entered the cave,Anina seems to have stepped on something,Made a crisp sound。
Anina turned her head curiously and looked back,Then his face suddenly changed,“what!”
She just started to shout,Mo Xiaosheng covered her mouth,I have already seen what Annina stepped on just now,Found it was a pile of bones!A pile of bones with shriveled flesh!
I saw this man’s skull deeply sunken,With cracks,As if it had been hit hard,And the clothes on his body are already broken,It seems to have been torn by a huge external force!
Especially his hand bones,Bends at a deliberate angle,If not for the rotten flesh between the knuckles,His finger bones have already fallen off,It can be seen that he was,The finger bones were broken!
That means,This man suffered great pain before he died!
Anina’s eyes were wide open,towering Alice’s chest fell violently together,Took a few breaths,So I calmed down。
As a doctor,She has seen a lot of dead people,But the one I saw this time is really unusual,This is an abnormal death seen in the wild!
And it is an invisible hint to her,Maybe she will be like this person in a while,Painful death!